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Discover R-One™, a robotic solution to treat cardiovascular diseases, developed and commercialized by Robocath company based in Rouen.

R-One™ uses a unique technology that optimizes the safety of robotic-assisted coronary angioplasty. This medical procedure consists of revascularizing the cardiac muscle by inserting one or more implants (stents) into the arteries that supply it with blood. Every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, this type of procedure is performed and it aims to prevent the coronary artery narrowing leading to a heart attack, 1st causes of death in the world. R-One™ is designed to operate with precision and perform specific movements, creating better interventional conditions. Currently R-One™ is available in Europe, Africa and China.

Robocath aims to become the world leader in vascular robotics and develop the remote treatment of vascular emergencies, guaranteeing the best care pathway for all.

Enhance the medical gesture thanks to robotic precision

Robotic precision
Enhanced movement
Plug & play solution
clinical success
technical success
X-rays exposure

R-one in images !

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